Whether you are interested in video, content or beautiful display ads, we present your brand in the most uncluttered, premium environment anywhere online. We reach nearly 100k unique visitors per month. Reach a broad audience on the homepage or strategically targeted audience of DJs and Industry influencers in our member's login homepage.

Website Advertising:

Display ads are an effective way to get your message across to potential customers. Get your display ads the attention they deserve. Display advertising allows you to connect with our members and keep your brand top of mind.

Email Campaigns:

We will promote your brand within our daily email outreach. Whether you're promoting a new service, product or advertising a special offer, we can reach your target audience. If can be a single email blast, daily or monthly campaign.

Sponsored Social Posts:

We post your sponsored message (of image or video) on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Just send us your image/video for us to post. Include your username, hashtags an. Select a single post or multiple post campaign from Digiwaxx or our Digiwaxx network.

Reach us with your Inquiries

For questions and pricing contact us here: business@digiwaxx.com